सभी छात्र (महाविद्यालय में संचालित पाठ्यक्रमों की उपयुक्तता और उसमें निहित रोजगार की सम्भावनाओं के सम्बन्ध गूगल फार्म) अनिवार्य रूप से तुरन्त लिंक ओपन कर भरें।
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Admission & Schemes
Scholarship Schemes
Co-Curricular Activities
Code of Conduct
Expectations From Students


  • Admission in the college is based on the loyal work and virtue. Each student will have to pay full attention to the study under the arrangement of the college. Also fully cooperate in other programs organised by the college.
  • Every student will take interest in the system security and cleanliness of the college property, building, library, laboratory etc. And will support the work of monitoring and improving them. On the contrary, no student will participate either directly or indirectly in any improper activity or impersonate another.
  • Student will fully cooperate in all the examination conducted by the college.
  • Each student will behave humbly with his classmates and teachers and will never behave indecent.
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  • If student have difficulty with prescribed process to the teacher/principal. Student will not adopt a way of movement, violence or terror for solving problems.
  • Students will not participate in any active party, politics and will not seek intervention or help through political parties, workers or newpapers etc regarding their problems.
  • According to the order of the Madhya Pradesh Government it has been declared as an offense for using improper means in the examination, helping other candidate, threatening or harming examiner and carrying arms in the premises. For these offenses, imprisonment up to 3 years or fine up to Rs. 5000/- or both can be imposed. The guilty person will not be taken into service to the state government.
  • Students should behave in disciplined manner to maintain the reputation of the college.
  • Following these rules of conduct, students should cooperate in penalizing the guilty person, so that the primary work of college that is, study can be operated peacefully.
  • Student should be careful that prosecution of any religious or crime does not take place, but if this happens their name will be immediately removed from the college. None of the students in this position will be able to remain in the post of a representative.
  • Barring or exclusion from exclusion from any examination will be considered absent in the examination and if found absent for any reason in examination, the reason will not be considered for re-examination.
  • Forged certificates, incorrect information, deliberately hidden facts, administrative or official inadvertency, if an applicant has got admission, the principal will have all rights to cancel such admission. This process will not be in the limits of any court case.
  • Deteriorating the college building by posters etc. will be considered in the category of disciplinary and report of the guilty will be sent to the police.
  • This is ethical responsibility of the students that theythemselves do not use mobile in the college campus and neither allow their friends to do so.
  • Students coming to college after consuming alcohol will be punished. College is declared as non smoking zone; pan, tobacco, guthkha, bidi, cigarettes, drinking liquor in college premises is punishable offense. Students caught doing so will be fined with Rs. 200 and also they can be expelled as well. There is complete ban on sale of these substances in the radius of 200mt from the college.
  • According to seaction 14 of the ordinance made under the Madhya Pradesh University Act 1976, the principal is able to take disciplinary proceedings against students in college. The following penal provisions for the disciplines are given in the above ordinance.
    C-Prevention from joining university/college examination.
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