सभी छात्र (महाविद्यालय में संचालित पाठ्यक्रमों की उपयुक्तता और उसमें निहित रोजगार की सम्भावनाओं के सम्बन्ध गूगल फार्म) अनिवार्य रूप से तुरन्त लिंक ओपन कर भरें।
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Expectations From Students


Identity Card and Dress Code-

  • An identity card is issued to all the students of the college, which is mandatory for the students to keep in college campus.
  • On demand, if students fail to present their ID card, disciplinary action will be taken against them.
  • In case of loss/damage of ID card, duplicate ID card will be issued to the students on minimal charge of Rs. 50.
  • In all classes dress code is mandatory from first year which can be known from the respective departments.

Liabilities and Discipline-

  • It is compulsory to show ID card at the entry gate at the time of entry in college.
  • Students should disciplined in college.
  • If found indispensable in any activity of indiscipline, strict disciplinary action will be taken against them.
  • In the name of college the formation of any committee, organization etc in the college premises and their operation will be prescribed and no other fee will be refunded except the specialcategory.
  • None of the students in the college campus will be involved in political activities. In the event of such conduct for any reason, the name of the concerned student will be cut from the college.
  • It will be compulsory to conduct the instructions as directed by the college from time to time. In case of non-disciplined conduct, disciplinary action will be taken against the student.
  • Barring or exclusion from exclusion from any examination will be considered absent in the examination and if found absent for any reason in examination, the reason will not be considered for re-examination.
  • Forged certificates, incorrect information, deliberately hidden facts, administrative or official inadvertency, if an applicant has got admission, the principal will have all rights to cancel such admission. This process will not be in the limits of any court case.
  • The principal will have the right to cancel admission of a student staying absent for a month or more in prior permission or information.
  • The Principal will have the right to issue or expel the admission of students engaged in case of disciplinary proceedings during the session after the admission.
  • In the event of the student leaving the college during the session after admission or abolished or explanation of admission, the student will be refunded other only caution fees.
  • Student who does not deposit the second installment of the fee will have to pay Rs. 50/- for re-entry while taking admission, 3 months fees will be charged at once.
  • On leaving college without prior permission of the principal, the T.C. will be issued after paying the full fees for the session upon receipt of prior permission, the charges will be applicable will date of application. Therefore, the information of leaving the college should we given to the principal promptly.
  • Applications for the annual examination will be validates at the sometime when all the fees have been paid will the date of the application. It is mandatory for the student to keep the fees receipts safe, it is also compulsory to attach the complimentary photocopies (Self-attached) of fees receipts.
  • Use of mobile phone is prohibited in college premises. When caught using mobile, mobile can be confiscated and penalties can be proposed.
  • Student will keep their vehicles in a vehicle stands. Disciplinary actions can be taken against them if kept elsewhere.
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